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TOW#2: Blogs and Comments Go Hand-in-Hand

When keeping up with a blog, it is very important to read and leave comments. Even though this is the first time I have ever had a blog, I can see the benefits of comments.

Comments help you understand what others are thinking and it allows your readers to know what your opinions are on certain topics. Also, comments are a great way to let your “fellow bloggers” know that what they are posting has meaning. If there is a post that you do not necessarily agree with, you can either ignore it, or politely share your opinions.

If I were to give advice to someone else about blog comments, I would say that they needed to read as many posts as they can and read the comments left by others so they can take a standpoint on it and share opinions.

I would also say to make sure that the comments they left should be clearly stated so that readers will understand they’re viewpoint. The worst thing possible is that someone could read your blog and get upset about something that wasn’t even your intention.

Although I am fairly new to the “blog scene,” I know that I want my readers to understand me as a person based off of what I blog or comment about. I want my readers to be enthusiastic about what I am saying. In order for me to do this effectively. I must be clear about my opinions and careful about my word choice.

One more bit of advice, I wouldn’t say anything on my blog that I wouldn’t want my professional contacts to see. When you know that there are people in your professional life that read what you post, it looks very unprofessional when they see too much of your personal life.


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One thought on “TOW#2: Blogs and Comments Go Hand-in-Hand

  1. I definitely 100% think that something to keep in mind when posting thing on the internet is the fact that the entire world can see what you are posting. It is important to remember who could be checking our your twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites. Its crazy to think that a short 5-8 years ago, when applying for a job they took your resume for what it was worth, but now employers can go on Facebook and Twitter and know your entire personal, and make an employment decision based on that information. It is definitely important especially as college students who are about to enter the professional job market to keep an eye on what we post. Great blog Jake.

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