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TOW#4 Some Definitions of Social Media

Adam Vincenzini is a brilliant man! He asked for a definition of 140 characters by 140 communication leaders.

He has posted them all up on COMMS corner. Here are a few that truly stuck with me:

@SimonMainwaring Social media is our collective consciousness made visible through synaptic technology that our gives shared needs, fears and hopes a voice enabling massive change.

I really like this definition because it is very true. When we use facebook, twitter, etc. we are expressing our personalities online. Also, sometimes when people are shy in person, they might be a completely new character online. Social media is a great way to express who you really are.

@NadiaSaint Social media is communicating with – rather than talking to – a target audience. It’s about respect, context and (above all) common sense.

I really like this definition as well because a lot of people use social media for networking purposes. When people use social media for business, they are selecting a target audience depending on what they post.

If I had to come up with a definition for social media, it would probably say something like this:

Social Media is the virtual interaction of people through networking, friendship, and marketing.

The reason I included 3 broad categories is because most of the time social media is used for all 3 things, even if people don’t realize it.

Also, I really think that this video can give you another great definition of what social media is, how to use it effectively, and a different idea about making on online presence.


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