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PR Connection #2: Young Kids On Facebook

In my opinion, Facebook is a wonderful social networking tool. I think it is a great way to keep in contact with people and upkeep relationships. However, Michelle Obama has recently said they she does not agree with young kids having a Facebook because of the potential dangers of the internet.

Here is a video that gives a parent’s perspective about kids on Facebook.

This is a viewpoint I can understand. I think parents need to take control of their childrens access to the internet and if they let their young kids use the internet for social media, they need to monitor what their children are posting.

It is so easy for kids to get in a bad situation online and they think they have control, but they really have no idea who is looking at them. I think it is the same thing with adults. Adults need to set the example of how to use the internet responsibly and show the youth that the internet is something that should be used with caution.

The first Lady said that she doesn’t allow her two daughters to have a Facebook because of security reasons. However, will this all change when the President leaves the oval office?

I think that Facebook is something that most Americans have now and I think that at some point, most of our youth will end up having a Facebook, or some sort of social media connection.

The issue is that we need to instill guidelines before they gain access to social media.


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