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TOW#5 Superbowl Ads

Although the superbowl ads this year were not as good as the ones from last year (in my opinion), I still really enjoyed these comercials.

I think that my favorite commercial was the Chrysler commercial with Eminem. It made such an impact by doing so little.

Eminem is an icon in our music society today and to see him featured in a commercial and represent a company is amazing. The music from 8 mile playing in the background made it epic!

Also, the design of the new Chrysler models are just flawless. Its no wonder Eminem represented them.

I think that my least favorite commercial was the ad for Budweiser. I mean, I thought it had an effective message and it showed that Budweiser was a premium beer, but it was just annoying to me.

I don’t really have any specific reasons for not liking it because I really did feel it was effective, but for whatever reason it made me angry. Go figure…

In anycase the superbowl ads were great overall and many of the ads were effective. I think that the superbowl commercials are just about the only commercials that I don’t mind watching.

Here are a few more commercials that I thought were interesting from the Superbowl.

I thought this commercial would have been more popular because of Justin. I know how popular he is…



I have to say, I pretty much agree with everything said here…



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