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TOW#6 Social Media: Issues Concerning the Pros

After watching the podcast with Ragan, Holtz, and others, I was very surprised to hear all of the different perspectives about social media.

I thought it was very interesting that Ragan was almost anti-social media. It was like he thought that social media was a conspiracy. In a way, I can understand his perspective because social media has taken over in almost every way.

We use social media to keep up with friends, network, make professional connections, express our selves, etc. It is almost ridiculous how much we depend on social media. Now we are at a point to where some businesses reputation depends on social media.

From this podcast I was able to learn more efficient ways to use social media. Being able to use different social media for different reasons is very important. I have Facebook to keep up with my friends. I have LinkedIn for my professional contacts. I use Twitter to keep up with what is going on in Hollywood.

There are so many different social media channels and they all have their own purpose. I feel that a lot of the issues that were talked about in the podcast were about what social media is right for what reason.

The thing that left me thinking after watching the podcast is the issue of social media for businesses. I want to know more about why a business needs a good online reputation. I understand that if a business uses a social media channel, they should keep up with it, but there are companies that do nothing but build online relationships for businesses. I want to know more about that.

Overall, I wasn’t as bored as I thought I would have been watching this podcast. It was a little to lengthy for me, but at least it was interesting.

This is a video that demonstrates a very unique way of using social media.


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