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TOW#7: FourSquare

Until recently, I haven’t really known much about FourSqaure. Before this class, I hadn’t even heard of it. What I have learned is that FourSquare is a great tool for local business.

FourSquare is a social media site that allows you to learn and discover new things about your city. It reminds me of Twitter, just on a local level.

I do not have a FourSquare account, but I am thinking about getting one. It couldn’t hurt.

The way that FourSquare works is you sign in and link up with local friends and businesses. Once you get started, you can begin to go to venues, which will earn you points and badges. It is all still a little confusing to me, but I get the jist of it.

The dangerous aspect to FourSquare is that you may be putting too much information about yourself out there. I mean, you already label your city and once you start earning points for venues, people can learn where you go regularly. Someone could easily find you if they followed you closely on FourSquare.

Although it may have a dangerous side, I think FourSquare is a great way to use social media in a newer way that helps you learn.

If there is anyone who can give me a review on FourSquare and let me know if you like it or dislike and why, I would really appreciate it.

Also, another dangerous aspect to FourSquare is that  if someone knew when you were not in, they could easly steal from you. I don’t like the idea of some one knowing when I am not at my home or business. Maybe FourSquare works differently than I think, but from what I have read about it, people could easily track you.


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