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TOW#8: Podcasting

Although there are many different ways for a business to connect with it’s public, podcasting is one of the most beneficial ways, in my opinion. With a podcast, it is always available to be viewed online so it is very convenient.

Also, with podcasts, you can include many different messages about features of your company and tie it all together easily so that the viewer can see how the company works most effeciently. Podcasting will allow benefits to both the company and consumer.

I think a great example of a podcast is Marketing FYI- Year Review. It is cool to hear them talk about their year and what worked well and what did not. They were also able to speak about how newer technologies have been able to help with PR and Marketing.

This podcast is really cool because it allows consumers to hear how the company deals with customer needs and demands. How do you meet or create a need when people don’t know they need it? It is really interesting to me.

Podcasting can work very well, but it can also work against a company. If it sends the wrong message about how the company runs, consumers will be driven away based off of the message they herd.

If I were to make a podcast, I would want to do a lot of research about my customers and products that are so popular. Also, I would want to use social media to see what people want to see from my company. A podcast is a great way to tell consumers where the company is going in the future.

Before I really looked at what a podcast is, I never understood how easy and conversational they are. I like the fact that podcasts aren’t so serious. It is a very nice way to relate to others.

After reviewing the benefits of podcasting, I think that I will try to find more and see how the differ from different companies. I think that would be really interesting.


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One thought on “TOW#8: Podcasting

  1. Podcasts are great tools for companies. They can also create that need for the company’s new product. They can also respond to a crisis if one were to come up. But, like you said you would do, a company would definitely need to do a lot of research to make sure their podcast is as effective as possible when it is released. Good blog. 🙂

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