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TOW#9 & 10: PRopenMic

Just recently, I created a PRopenMic account and I had no idea how interesting it was. PRopenMic is a great way for everyone inPR to connect with each other.

Its great for student because there is a tool on there that will allow you to search for internships. It is great for practicioners for networking. It is great for faculty members to use as a door opener for their students.

Although I had herd of PRopenMic before, I never checked it out. It kinf of reminds me of a really advanced Facebook page. Instead of seeing wall posts on your home page, you see full blog posts! It is really a great way to keep up with PR on a local scale and beyond that if you want.

I also really like that the homepage has a different video on it everyday. PRopenMic really has an interactive site that allows you to be in control of what you want to know about.

Also, there is a sidebar that allows you to see members of PRopenMic and if you recognize someone, you can just add them as a friend.

Also, there is an option for you to be able to invite friends from your facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc and you can even follow PRopenMic on twitter. I think that is really cool because its kind of like using social media to promote social media. What a concept!

I have to be honest, when I herd that I was going to have to create an account with PRopenMic, I wasn’t excited. I just thought it was going to be something else I had to keep up with, but I am very excited to use this as a great networking tool and try my best to keep up with the crazy world of public relations.


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