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TOW#11: An Interview with Martin Waxman

Wow, this interview was very interesting. I was really surprised about all of the things that a PR agency can do. There are so many different PR needs for different clients…

Also, it was really interesting to hear about Canadian PR agencies. He mentioned that most Canadian PR agencies are smaller than the ones in the US. I wonder if they operate in the same ways? I don’t know if a small agency could run the same as a large one simply because a PR agency will usually have a large number of clients.

Another thing that was nice to learn was when he was speaking about how he teaches PR. It is different to hear the perspective of a person who is actually a part of an agency and how they can teach professional skills to students. It must be very effective because Martin is very experienced in the field and he must have been able to pass down a lot of PR tips.

In the world of PR, the times are always changing and Martin makes it a point to say that. Just like with social media. He mentions that social media is the new PR strategy and that it must be used effectively.

Also, something I would like to learn more about is the digital footprints we leave when we use social media and the internet in general.

When Martin brings p the fact that he saw a student’s blog and noticed a lot of typographical errors and didn’t hire her because of it and that really made me think about how I use social media. Everyone should understand that social media is something that companies do look at now and they want to see that we can use it effectively. Social media is now considered a business tool.


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