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PR Connections #3: 20 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Although social media is used for many different purposes, there are many ways to keep tabs on what people are saying and ways for you to keep up with news. I stumbled on this article from PRDaily and I thought it was so interesting to see what different tools people like to use for different social media channels.

For Twitter, you have twitter analyzer, twoolr, etc. It is awesome to know about these tools and learn how to effectively use your social media to your advantage. I am going to be trying out some of these tools and see if I can improve my social media use. A lot of these tools I have known about, but did not know the name for it.

The social media channels I use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. I have seen a tool in this list that can be used in all of my social media channels. For business, these tools can be extremely helpful because it gives businesses a chance to see what their consumers honestly feel about their service. Also, it gives the business a chance to do something about it by listening to what their consumers want.

Also, these tools are just 20 tools that are used most. Who knows how many other tools are in social media.


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