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TOW#12: An Interview with Kneale Mann

From a student’s perspective, this interview is very helpful. As a student, I know that social media is something that can be used in so many different ways. Kneale Mann really knows about social media and how to use it effectively.

He even goes so far as to speak about a social media toolkit for companies who need help getting started. That is very interesting.

It really surprised me that he has worked with such amazing companies, such as Habitat for Humanities.

Also, I completely agree with everything he is saying. He mentions that “public relations is old school…” No its not. Social media gives PR a whole new playing field to work with and he really knows about that.

I really want to learn more about micro-blogging. I am going to be doing an internship soon and I will be keeping up social media sites from a business perspective for the first time. Micro-blogging is definitely something that I could use to really to good at my internship.

I really like hearing about his geek dinner. To hear about his first blog post is something that made me laugh. He was just writing and it turned out to be good.

Something that really made me think is when he spoke about blog commenting. I never realized how important comments are. They allow you to see what people are doing and allows you to give input. Also, when someone leaves you a comment, you can use that to listen to the people who are interested in what you’re saying. If you have a bad reputation, comments can let you change that image of yourself. Listening is really what has to be done in order to do social media or blogging effectively.

Also, I want to learn more about social media literature and what is being used to keep social media effective.


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