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Attention Grabbing Headlines!!!

Lately I have been reading a lot and I have noticed that I have a very narrow attention span. In order for me to read something, I have to be interested by the headline of the article, otherwise I will never see it. I know that this also applies to the majority of the world. Now, here is the question… Will it Blend? This is an amazing campaign that came out of Blendtec. Not only does this slogan really get you interested, but it makes you really want to know if “it will blend!” Now, the majority of this campaign was not in print ads, but in commercials. However, I actually saw one of the print ads for it and that is what got me interested in the campaign. How will you grab attention to your message?


I’m Back!

Well, It has been a while since I have done anything with my blog. I originally, created this blog for a class in my junior year of college. After the class was over, I stopped keeping up with the blog, but recently I have found many reasons to come back to it.

Also, I am looking to continue this blog in an attempt to keep up with the crazy world of PR! After I graduate, I will not have as many resources to keep up with the industry. This is my creative attempt to keep up on my own!

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