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#1   01-26-2011 comment for dnlong322 I…

#1.   01-26-2011 comment for: dnlong322

“I am the same way. I rely on Facebook as my social media outlet more than anything else.
I am trying to get into other social media networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, maybe even FourSquare), but I am just so comfortable with my Facebook that it doesn’t seem like I need anything else. However, I understand that there are different purposes for different social media sites. I plan to use LinkedIn for my professional connections and my Facebook for personal.
For Twitter,
I really am unsure of what I am going to use that for, except maybe keeping up with what is going on with celebrities.”

#2.     01-26-2011  comment for: michaelah33

“I completely agree with you. It seems like social media networks have taken over our generation and maybe it has, but I just don’t have the time to spend hours on the internet at a time. I guess we are just different in the fact that we aren’t as dependent on social media to have social lives. However, I am getting more into social media and I am beginning to understand that you can create an account on a network without having to spend so much time on it. Adaptation is good thing.”

#3 02/10/2011 comment for: Emily

“You know I really think that posting on a social media site is okay, depending on what you say.
I mean, I don’t think it is ok for a person to leave a comment and totally trash someone else or a company because that is rude, but I do agree with freedom of speech. I think that people should be free to comment on what they would like.

Freedom of speech should definately apply online as well as verbal speech. I am actually dealing with my company telling employees that they cannot slander the name of our business on a social media outlet. I agree with that because the business does not want people to think that they treat their employees bad, which they don’t, but I do feel that freedom of speech should still apply.”

By: jprice2290 on February 10, 2011

#4  02/10/2011  comment for Erin
“I totally agree with you. I said the same thing… I would usually never sit through commercials, but I love the superbowl commercials.
I really like the one with Eminem and Chrysler. It made such an impact on me and I kind of want a Chrysler now, but I don’t see that happening.
I thought the ad for Budweiser was dumb and annoying, but it was effective. I don’t know exactly why it upset me, but it did. In any case, I really like yopur post.”

#5    02/10/2011    comment for Kayla

“I think you’re so right.
How could anyone define social media anymore?
I mean we use social media for so many different things.
I use my facebook for networking. I use linkedin for professional contacts. I use twitter for keeping up with celebreties. I mean there is no one definition for why I use social media. I think it is interesting how social media has taken over in the past few years. I mean, its hard for me to stay off of facebook for more than a few hours. However, I think that if I had to say a definition for social media… it would be that social media is a way to manage your virtual life.”

#6 03/17/2011       comment for Nicole

“The tragedy that has recently happened in Japan is just horrible. I feel for all of the people who have lost their lives, loved ones, etc.
I have been trying to keep up with all of the news about the Japan tragedy, but there is really nothing that can shed a positive light on what has happened.
From a PR perspective, this chaos has caused a huge social media storm all over facebook, twitter, and most other social media outlets.
I have seen links on almost all of my social media channels that can lead you to help the Japan effort, mostly through donations.
I think that it is crazy how social media is taking the place of other tools and making it much easier for people to make donations or help in some way.
I think it is a great thing that social media has come this far.
I really hope that Japan is able to recover from this and that we will be able to have a little peace in the world for a while.”

#7    03/17/2011      comment for PRDaily   Social media

“I think it so interesting to see what social media is getting used for. When I first got into social media, I created a myspace and thought it was the coolest thing ever, but now I see so many different platforms and what they can be used for.
How is it that social media has gotten to this point? I mean, we almost depend on it in a way to express opinions or to collect research, or to collect for charities, etc.
What will be next I wonder?”

#8    03/17/2011          comment for PRDaily on Ten tips for Twitter

“Wow…. twitter has really taken over. I never really got into twitter until I had to create one for my social media class and I can’t believe how many different ways you can use it.
I really think these ten tips will help you a lot if you are serious about using twitter as a networking tool.
I think it is awesome that you can see how many times people have looked at something or mentioned you in their tweets.
Twitter has become a way to let your life literally be an open book. I see people that tweet about what restaurants they have gone too, or what events thwey are attending.
The idea of having “followers” is a little strange to me though. I mean, its almost like internet stalking, but you are letting people do it.
If used in the right way, twitter can be a great tool for a business.”

#9   03/17/2011      comment for PRDaily  Social Media and College

“I have been noticing this a lot lately. Companies are using social media as a way to reach out to their customers and I think it is awesome.
Businesses are realizing that there is a new generation and advertising on a billboard will not cut it anymore.
Social media is a great business tool and can be used from a PR perspective to build a great image for a client.
This idea of an exchange that companies are sponsoring schools in exchange for their social media upkeep is a new way. I mean, the image of a company is in the hands of college students and I think it is because businesses understand that the younger generation can use social media better than anyone.”

#10  03/17/2011 comment for PRDaily on Social Media Milestones

“Wow… that is a little overwhelming.
Social media has come so far. I really like the myspace one that says…” Hi, I’m Tom…Your default friend.”
I remember most of these social media outlets when they were uprising and its crazy to think that there are som many now. And what is even more crazy is the fact that most of these social media channels have different purposes.
I mean, facebook is mostly a networking tool and a way to keep up with friends. Twitter is an image building tool mostly for celebrities and businesses, but it can also be used for friends.
LinkedIn is a place where you can keep up with your professional contacts.
Social Media is still growing.”

#11. Comment for Michaela on 03-20-2011

Wow that is really disgusting. I totally agree with you because no one should be allowed to just say whatever they want to about anyone. And that gay slur is used way to often. I have to wonder how Kobe would feel if anyone ever called him a nigger??? It works the same way. I think it is ridiculous that he didn’t get in serious trouble for that. I will say that from a PR perspective, he screwed himself. He needs to really think about what he says.

#12 Comment for Lexi on 03-20-2011

I totally agree with you Lexi. I have been meaning to set up a Diigo account as well. I have heard that it is an awesome way to easily access all of you favorite sites and share them with others. That is a really intuitive tool that could be used for so many things.

#13 Comment for PR Comm 4333 Blog   on 03-22-2011

This is so crazy! When I heard about this, I could not believe it… I mean, really? Drunk babies? How is it even possible to serve alcohol to toddlers? I would never even think to do that. Who ever did this must have been really retarded. I have to wonder about the parents reactions too…

#14  Comment for Lexi on 03-22-2011

Wow Lexi… This looks really interesting. I really enjoyed your presentation on it as well. I think that this book could be very insightful on how a business can effectively use the “marketplace.” I may just have to find this book for myself:)

#15  Comment for Michaela on 04-02-2011

This is crazy. I can’t believe that he would even climb up there in that weather! That is really very sad and I hope that his family has been able to make peace with everything. The irony in the fact that he had just tweeted before getting to practice is crazy.

#16  Comment for Nicole on 04-02-2011

I totally agree with you Nicole. You have to stay on track with social media because if you don’t manage it correctly from a business perspective, things could go very wrong. This interview was very interesting to me as well. I thought it was really cool when he was talking about the girl that he did not hire because she had too many grammatical errors on her blog. That just goes to show that you never know who is watching…

#17  Comment for Johnathan on 04-16-2011

This is very interesting. So often you hear about what everything PR is and I really like the fact that someone has finally pointed out what it isn’t. People are so ignorant when it comes to PR and they think that all we do is write and sit at a desk. I am very happy that someone is pointing out what PR does not do!

#18  Comment for theamericanjesus  on 04-16-2011

This is a very awesome post. I love this. I have never celebrated or honored Lent in anyway. However, if I ever did, those are some very good options for things to give up. I can totally understand giving up Charlie Sheen. His career is just over and its just so sad.

#19 Comment for PRdaily 04-21-2011

I must say that I totally agree with this because PR is all about these things. In order to build an image, research must be done. The work you do must be relevant to the research. And in order to effectively build an image, you must build relationships.

#20 Comment for PRDaily  on 04-21-2011

Wow that is crazy! I am not the biggest twitter user, but I know that it can be a very powerful business tool. I would think that any business would want twitter in their marketing because it is a way you can reach so many people. I understand facebook is huge as well, but why wouldn’t you want to use twitter as well?


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