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PR Connections #10: Animal Abuse

When I first read this article, I was very sad to see the facts behind animal abuse. It is so horrible to know that animals are being abused and killed everyday. However, I think it is good that there are facts out about animal abuse so that people are not ignorant to the subject and hopefully something can be done. It really makes me mad when I hear about animals getting abused because they were not put here to be abused. Animals are living creatures and just because they are not humans does not mean that their lives aren’t important. I love animals and cannot even think about how people abuse animals. Something has to be done because we can’t just keep letting this happen.


PR Connection #9: A toddler smoking!

When I first read this article, I was completely stunned. I cannot believe that this poor 2 year old child is smoking cigarettes and his father allows it. His father buys him cigarettes and brags about how much his 2 year old can smoke. This is horrible and I hope his mother is able to get help for him because at this rate, he is on his way to a life of serious health problems. Also, I understand that cultures differ in different regions around the world, but I do not think it is ever acceptable to let babies smoke! I mean, why would anyone think that this is okay? This guy should really get nominated for Dad of the Year.

PR Connection #8: Kobe Sucks!

From the perspective of being in the heat of the game, I understand getting upset and saying things that you might not normally say. However, this is a little ridiculous. Kobe Bryant called a referee a F***** faggot. As if there was not enough stuff bringing down his image already… I have to say that I am very upset that he did not get in more trouble than he did. He needs to understand that he is in the eye of the public and he should keep his opinion to himself. I wonder how he would feel if someone were to ever say a racial slur about him? He would probably take it personal. Well, it is the same thing when he calls someone a faggot. He should really think about what he says before he says it!

PR Connection#7: Toyota Crisis

When a business takes action to recall a product, they must have an effective way to respond to all of the comments and things to defend their reputation. This is something that should be done immediately after the situation occurs. In fact, I think that the company should jump at the first chance to apologize for any inconvenience and explain the situation. That was not the case with Toyota. Although Toyota has done a very good job of handling their recall as of late, when it initially happened they did not say anything. Toyota is a company that was known for their quality and when this happened, it just destroyed their image. It could have been a little bit easier for them if they had a plan that was more effective.

PR Connections #6: Nestle’s PR Crisis

So this is a perfect example of what not to do in a PR crisis. Nestle was accused of purchasing Palm oil from suppliers who are destroying the Indonesian Rain forest. This is obviously a hot button issue for many people and of course consumers let Nestle know how they felt about the situation. Well, a lot of people just flooded Nestle’s Facebook page and left really opinionated comments. People even went as far as to retort the image of Nestle’s logo and use it as their default. Well, this did not go over well with Nestle and they responded by telling their consumers that they were wrong for doing this. That was a dumb move on Nestle’s part. In fact, all of this could have been avoided if Nestle had a crisis plan and acted quickly in response to the initial comments made about them.

PR Connections#5: 15 minute news releases

Although writing a press release is not my favorite thing to do, I stioll think they are a great tool to keep people informed. Also, writing press releases is just a part of public relations.

At least now I can be more effecient with my press releases after reading this article.

Writing a press release does not have to be a chore. If you are proactive and keep fresh ideas in your head and written down, there should be no problem coming up with a press release for your client.

Although press releases all have different purposes, these guidelines will help when writing any press release.

I have never been the type of person to keep on top of things. In fact, I procrastinate most of the time. But at least this would even make procrastinating easier.

PR Connections#4: Likes vs Tweets

Until I read this article, I never thought of comparing “likes” on facebook and “tweets” on twitter. This study was able to show that “likes” on facebook are more popular than “tweets” on twitter.

I know that twitter and facebook are huge social media channels but I still think they are both growing. Facebook to me is a better device than twitter and the only reason I say that is because I use my facebook for networking and keeping up with friends. I don’t use it for business reasons.

If I were to start a business, I would definately use twitter because it has a more professional theme in my opinion.

In any case, I thought it was very interesting to see this study and show that facebook is used more than twitter. I know that isnt the conclusion, but that is what I drew from it.

PR Connections #3: 20 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Although social media is used for many different purposes, there are many ways to keep tabs on what people are saying and ways for you to keep up with news. I stumbled on this article from PRDaily and I thought it was so interesting to see what different tools people like to use for different social media channels.

For Twitter, you have twitter analyzer, twoolr, etc. It is awesome to know about these tools and learn how to effectively use your social media to your advantage. I am going to be trying out some of these tools and see if I can improve my social media use. A lot of these tools I have known about, but did not know the name for it.

The social media channels I use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. I have seen a tool in this list that can be used in all of my social media channels. For business, these tools can be extremely helpful because it gives businesses a chance to see what their consumers honestly feel about their service. Also, it gives the business a chance to do something about it by listening to what their consumers want.

Also, these tools are just 20 tools that are used most. Who knows how many other tools are in social media.

PR Connection #2: Young Kids On Facebook

In my opinion, Facebook is a wonderful social networking tool. I think it is a great way to keep in contact with people and upkeep relationships. However, Michelle Obama has recently said they she does not agree with young kids having a Facebook because of the potential dangers of the internet.

Here is a video that gives a parent’s perspective about kids on Facebook.

This is a viewpoint I can understand. I think parents need to take control of their childrens access to the internet and if they let their young kids use the internet for social media, they need to monitor what their children are posting.

It is so easy for kids to get in a bad situation online and they think they have control, but they really have no idea who is looking at them. I think it is the same thing with adults. Adults need to set the example of how to use the internet responsibly and show the youth that the internet is something that should be used with caution.

The first Lady said that she doesn’t allow her two daughters to have a Facebook because of security reasons. However, will this all change when the President leaves the oval office?

I think that Facebook is something that most Americans have now and I think that at some point, most of our youth will end up having a Facebook, or some sort of social media connection.

The issue is that we need to instill guidelines before they gain access to social media.

PR Connections #1- Can We Trust Our Businesses?

I was reading an article on edelmandigital and I thought it was very interesting because it showed that we don’t trust our businesses as much as we used to.

The article said that the trust in American industries has taken an 8% drop since last year. That statistic comes from a study done by Edelman PR and it is called the Edelman Trust Barometer Study.

It isn’t really shocking to me that we don’t trust our industries like we used to. I mean, look at what has happened in the last year. Businesses have had to raise prices dramatically to stay in business, which pushed customers away.

Also, our country has suffered through a recession, a massive oil spill, and countless other events in the last few years, which have effected businesses.

What is even more shocking to me is that most countries have lost trust in only one or maybe two of the four categories of the study. Well, America has lost trust in every category and by a lot more than most countries.

Hopefully, there is some good PR coming to the industires of our nation. I mean, we have to be able to trust them because we depend on most of them.

Maybe once our economy gets better we will see positive results.

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