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PR Connections#5: 15 minute news releases

Although writing a press release is not my favorite thing to do, I stioll think they are a great tool to keep people informed. Also, writing press releases is just a part of public relations.

At least now I can be more effecient with my press releases after reading this article.

Writing a press release does not have to be a chore. If you are proactive and keep fresh ideas in your head and written down, there should be no problem coming up with a press release for your client.

Although press releases all have different purposes, these guidelines will help when writing any press release.

I have never been the type of person to keep on top of things. In fact, I procrastinate most of the time. But at least this would even make procrastinating easier.


PR Connections#4: Likes vs Tweets

Until I read this article, I never thought of comparing “likes” on facebook and “tweets” on twitter. This study was able to show that “likes” on facebook are more popular than “tweets” on twitter.

I know that twitter and facebook are huge social media channels but I still think they are both growing. Facebook to me is a better device than twitter and the only reason I say that is because I use my facebook for networking and keeping up with friends. I don’t use it for business reasons.

If I were to start a business, I would definately use twitter because it has a more professional theme in my opinion.

In any case, I thought it was very interesting to see this study and show that facebook is used more than twitter. I know that isnt the conclusion, but that is what I drew from it.

TOW#12: An Interview with Kneale Mann

From a student’s perspective, this interview is very helpful. As a student, I know that social media is something that can be used in so many different ways. Kneale Mann really knows about social media and how to use it effectively.

He even goes so far as to speak about a social media toolkit for companies who need help getting started. That is very interesting.

It really surprised me that he has worked with such amazing companies, such as Habitat for Humanities.

Also, I completely agree with everything he is saying. He mentions that “public relations is old school…” No its not. Social media gives PR a whole new playing field to work with and he really knows about that.

I really want to learn more about micro-blogging. I am going to be doing an internship soon and I will be keeping up social media sites from a business perspective for the first time. Micro-blogging is definitely something that I could use to really to good at my internship.

I really like hearing about his geek dinner. To hear about his first blog post is something that made me laugh. He was just writing and it turned out to be good.

Something that really made me think is when he spoke about blog commenting. I never realized how important comments are. They allow you to see what people are doing and allows you to give input. Also, when someone leaves you a comment, you can use that to listen to the people who are interested in what you’re saying. If you have a bad reputation, comments can let you change that image of yourself. Listening is really what has to be done in order to do social media or blogging effectively.

Also, I want to learn more about social media literature and what is being used to keep social media effective.

PR Connections #3: 20 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Although social media is used for many different purposes, there are many ways to keep tabs on what people are saying and ways for you to keep up with news. I stumbled on this article from PRDaily and I thought it was so interesting to see what different tools people like to use for different social media channels.

For Twitter, you have twitter analyzer, twoolr, etc. It is awesome to know about these tools and learn how to effectively use your social media to your advantage. I am going to be trying out some of these tools and see if I can improve my social media use. A lot of these tools I have known about, but did not know the name for it.

The social media channels I use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. I have seen a tool in this list that can be used in all of my social media channels. For business, these tools can be extremely helpful because it gives businesses a chance to see what their consumers honestly feel about their service. Also, it gives the business a chance to do something about it by listening to what their consumers want.

Also, these tools are just 20 tools that are used most. Who knows how many other tools are in social media.

TOW#11: An Interview with Martin Waxman

Wow, this interview was very interesting. I was really surprised about all of the things that a PR agency can do. There are so many different PR needs for different clients…

Also, it was really interesting to hear about Canadian PR agencies. He mentioned that most Canadian PR agencies are smaller than the ones in the US. I wonder if they operate in the same ways? I don’t know if a small agency could run the same as a large one simply because a PR agency will usually have a large number of clients.

Another thing that was nice to learn was when he was speaking about how he teaches PR. It is different to hear the perspective of a person who is actually a part of an agency and how they can teach professional skills to students. It must be very effective because Martin is very experienced in the field and he must have been able to pass down a lot of PR tips.

In the world of PR, the times are always changing and Martin makes it a point to say that. Just like with social media. He mentions that social media is the new PR strategy and that it must be used effectively.

Also, something I would like to learn more about is the digital footprints we leave when we use social media and the internet in general.

When Martin brings p the fact that he saw a student’s blog and noticed a lot of typographical errors and didn’t hire her because of it and that really made me think about how I use social media. Everyone should understand that social media is something that companies do look at now and they want to see that we can use it effectively. Social media is now considered a business tool.

TOW#9 & 10: PRopenMic

Just recently, I created a PRopenMic account and I had no idea how interesting it was. PRopenMic is a great way for everyone inPR to connect with each other.

Its great for student because there is a tool on there that will allow you to search for internships. It is great for practicioners for networking. It is great for faculty members to use as a door opener for their students.

Although I had herd of PRopenMic before, I never checked it out. It kinf of reminds me of a really advanced Facebook page. Instead of seeing wall posts on your home page, you see full blog posts! It is really a great way to keep up with PR on a local scale and beyond that if you want.

I also really like that the homepage has a different video on it everyday. PRopenMic really has an interactive site that allows you to be in control of what you want to know about.

Also, there is a sidebar that allows you to see members of PRopenMic and if you recognize someone, you can just add them as a friend.

Also, there is an option for you to be able to invite friends from your facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc and you can even follow PRopenMic on twitter. I think that is really cool because its kind of like using social media to promote social media. What a concept!

I have to be honest, when I herd that I was going to have to create an account with PRopenMic, I wasn’t excited. I just thought it was going to be something else I had to keep up with, but I am very excited to use this as a great networking tool and try my best to keep up with the crazy world of public relations.

TOW#8: Podcasting

Although there are many different ways for a business to connect with it’s public, podcasting is one of the most beneficial ways, in my opinion. With a podcast, it is always available to be viewed online so it is very convenient.

Also, with podcasts, you can include many different messages about features of your company and tie it all together easily so that the viewer can see how the company works most effeciently. Podcasting will allow benefits to both the company and consumer.

I think a great example of a podcast is Marketing FYI- Year Review. It is cool to hear them talk about their year and what worked well and what did not. They were also able to speak about how newer technologies have been able to help with PR and Marketing.

This podcast is really cool because it allows consumers to hear how the company deals with customer needs and demands. How do you meet or create a need when people don’t know they need it? It is really interesting to me.

Podcasting can work very well, but it can also work against a company. If it sends the wrong message about how the company runs, consumers will be driven away based off of the message they herd.

If I were to make a podcast, I would want to do a lot of research about my customers and products that are so popular. Also, I would want to use social media to see what people want to see from my company. A podcast is a great way to tell consumers where the company is going in the future.

Before I really looked at what a podcast is, I never understood how easy and conversational they are. I like the fact that podcasts aren’t so serious. It is a very nice way to relate to others.

After reviewing the benefits of podcasting, I think that I will try to find more and see how the differ from different companies. I think that would be really interesting.

TOW#7: FourSquare

Until recently, I haven’t really known much about FourSqaure. Before this class, I hadn’t even heard of it. What I have learned is that FourSquare is a great tool for local business.

FourSquare is a social media site that allows you to learn and discover new things about your city. It reminds me of Twitter, just on a local level.

I do not have a FourSquare account, but I am thinking about getting one. It couldn’t hurt.

The way that FourSquare works is you sign in and link up with local friends and businesses. Once you get started, you can begin to go to venues, which will earn you points and badges. It is all still a little confusing to me, but I get the jist of it.

The dangerous aspect to FourSquare is that you may be putting too much information about yourself out there. I mean, you already label your city and once you start earning points for venues, people can learn where you go regularly. Someone could easily find you if they followed you closely on FourSquare.

Although it may have a dangerous side, I think FourSquare is a great way to use social media in a newer way that helps you learn.

If there is anyone who can give me a review on FourSquare and let me know if you like it or dislike and why, I would really appreciate it.

Also, another dangerous aspect to FourSquare is that  if someone knew when you were not in, they could easly steal from you. I don’t like the idea of some one knowing when I am not at my home or business. Maybe FourSquare works differently than I think, but from what I have read about it, people could easily track you.

TOW#6 Social Media: Issues Concerning the Pros

After watching the podcast with Ragan, Holtz, and others, I was very surprised to hear all of the different perspectives about social media.

I thought it was very interesting that Ragan was almost anti-social media. It was like he thought that social media was a conspiracy. In a way, I can understand his perspective because social media has taken over in almost every way.

We use social media to keep up with friends, network, make professional connections, express our selves, etc. It is almost ridiculous how much we depend on social media. Now we are at a point to where some businesses reputation depends on social media.

From this podcast I was able to learn more efficient ways to use social media. Being able to use different social media for different reasons is very important. I have Facebook to keep up with my friends. I have LinkedIn for my professional contacts. I use Twitter to keep up with what is going on in Hollywood.

There are so many different social media channels and they all have their own purpose. I feel that a lot of the issues that were talked about in the podcast were about what social media is right for what reason.

The thing that left me thinking after watching the podcast is the issue of social media for businesses. I want to know more about why a business needs a good online reputation. I understand that if a business uses a social media channel, they should keep up with it, but there are companies that do nothing but build online relationships for businesses. I want to know more about that.

Overall, I wasn’t as bored as I thought I would have been watching this podcast. It was a little to lengthy for me, but at least it was interesting.

This is a video that demonstrates a very unique way of using social media.

TOW#5 Superbowl Ads

Although the superbowl ads this year were not as good as the ones from last year (in my opinion), I still really enjoyed these comercials.

I think that my favorite commercial was the Chrysler commercial with Eminem. It made such an impact by doing so little.

Eminem is an icon in our music society today and to see him featured in a commercial and represent a company is amazing. The music from 8 mile playing in the background made it epic!

Also, the design of the new Chrysler models are just flawless. Its no wonder Eminem represented them.

I think that my least favorite commercial was the ad for Budweiser. I mean, I thought it had an effective message and it showed that Budweiser was a premium beer, but it was just annoying to me.

I don’t really have any specific reasons for not liking it because I really did feel it was effective, but for whatever reason it made me angry. Go figure…

In anycase the superbowl ads were great overall and many of the ads were effective. I think that the superbowl commercials are just about the only commercials that I don’t mind watching.

Here are a few more commercials that I thought were interesting from the Superbowl.

I thought this commercial would have been more popular because of Justin. I know how popular he is…



I have to say, I pretty much agree with everything said here…


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